Symphony No. 1 in D Minor "Pandemic"

To be published September 2021

Composition process started on 27 March, 2020

I. Vivace con infezione "Outbreak"Started 27 Aug 2020Completed 07 Mar 2021
II. Lento e isolato "Lockdown"Started 27 Mar 2020Completed 16 Jan 2021

III. Scherzo: Celebrazione prematura "Restart Plan"Started 11 Sep 2020,To be completed by May 2021
IV. Thema con variazoni "Variants of Concern"Started 11 Nov 2020,To be completed by Jul 2021
V. Vivace senza infezione "Vaccine"Started 07 Mar 2021,To be completed by Sep 2021

Latest Note:

Two variations in IV. “Variants of Concern” completed, two others nearing completion. Coda for movement is completed.