by Stage Size

Stage size information, measured in square meters, can be obtained from advertisements about the stage, physical measurements, map measurements, or wild estimates.

001 m²- 004m² | Miniscule

003 m²

Performed by Camilo Aybar and James Yi to submit for Performing Arts BC 2021 on 14 May 2021.

004 m²

Performed at Rockheights Middle School for the "Music in the Air" Year-End Concert.

005m²-009m² | Tiny

010m²-019m² | Extra Small

015 m²

Performed at the Royal Theatre (Victoria, BC) - Main Lobby.

020m²-34m² | Small

035m²-069m² | Moderately Small

039 m² (Jun 03 2018)

039 m²

Performed by Camilo Aybar and James Yi at the Victoria Conservatory of Music's Wood Hall for a Collegium performance class.

055 m²

Performed by the Victoria High Notes Flute Choir at St. Andrews Angilican Church for the Canada Music Week Flute Spectacular

070m²-139m² | Medium

140m²-279m² | Moderately Large

227 m ²

280m² - 559m² | Large

Performed by Jonathan Crow and the Victoria Conservatory Chamber Orchestra in Alix Goolden Hall for the "Creative Innovations" Concert.

560m²+| Extra Large