by Applause Length

Applause length is recorded from the very first clap, cheer, or laugh to the resonance from the final clap ending. Applause only at the end of the composition and not in between movements or during the piece is recorded. "Booing" subtracts from any applause time, unless the booing is not directed towards the nature of the piece, performance, or the performer(s) themsel(ves) (for example, booing the antagonist of an opera in good humour).

00.00-04.99 seconds

Performed by Camilo Aybar and James Yi to submit for Performing Arts BC 2021 on 14 May 2021.
Performed by Jonathan Crow and the Victoria Conservatory Chamber Orchestra in Alix Goolden Hall for the "Creative Innovations" Concert.

05.00-09.99 seconds

Performed by Camilo Aybar and James Yi at the Victoria Conservatory of Music's Wood Hall for a Collegium performance class.

10.00-14.99 seconds

15.00-19.99 seconds


Performed by the Victoria High Notes Flute Choir at St. Andrews Angilican Church for the Canada Music Week Flute Spectacular


Performed at Rockheights Middle School for the "Music in the Air" Year-End Concert.

20.00-24.99 seconds


Performed at the Royal Theatre (Victoria, BC) - Main Lobby.

25.00-29.99 seconds